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If you have been keeping up with beauty trends then you probably have noticed that sugar scrubs pop-up all over the place. These scrubs come in just about every scent imaginable with popular beauty companies all promoting their own scrubs. So just what makes up a sugar scrub and what do they do?

What’s So Great About Sugar Scrubs?

How Are They Made?

Sugars scrubs are made out of sugar grains and oils that turn into a lotion once they hit your skin. These ingredients are mixed together with other types of scented or natural oils to create a usable product. One of the best things about sugar scrubs is that they don’t leave residue on your skin that could lead to a future breakout.

What Do They Do?

Sugar scrubs are made to exfoliate and soften the skin. There are face, body, and lip sugar scrubs made with ingredients specifically formulated for that particular part of your body. Lip scrubs gently remove the dead skin to give you a smooth finish with some even giving your lips a flavored tint. Face scrubs smooth out the skin as well, but they also can leave your skin feeling moisturized depending on what type of scrub you choose.

Where Are They Sold?

Sugar scrubs are sold frequently on sites like Etsy where you can pick any scent you fancy. Scrubs are also now found at Bath and Body Works stores or from the popular UK chain Lush Cosmetics. If you are feeling crafty there are a ton of easy home recipes to create your own sugar scrub as well.

Picking Your Sugar Scrub

The biggest dilemma you’re going to have about sugar scrubs is choosing the one for you. Many stores like Lush will give you a demo of the product or a sample to try at home. If you’ve used similar products then you just need to know what scent you prefer. You can also choose from a range of aromatherapy scrubs that are made to help you relax or sleep easier at night.


Do you have a DIY recipe you love? Share it below so others can enjoy!