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With summer sizzling down it’s time to start pulling out your warmer clothes. Every new season brings a change in fashion styles, and along with it, a perfect excuse to experiment with your own hair and makeup styles. Whether you’re a fan of the cooler months or not, the new fall makeup looks will ease you into the season in style. Here are some of this fall’s trending looks you’re going to love!

Fall Makeup Looks For The Season:

Darker Colors

Darker colors compliment the natural colors of the season, and this year’s fall makeup looks are sultry and striking with delicious contrasts. In general you can go with darker browns or a smoky black look even for an everyday look. Just don’t overdo it during the day. This year’s fashion trends are still favoring a natural look, so nudes and creams make a great foundational look during the day. Use dramatic shades for lipsticks, such as tangerine orange or rich matte red, or go for shades with a brownish tint. You may even find that some darker brown blush will make everything pop just a little bit more.

Fall Eyes

If you really want to dive into hottest fall trends, it’s all about the eyes this year! Matching your eyeshadow palette to the colors of the season, use a red or orange base with yellow for the tips to really pop the colors out. You can also accent with dramatic colors like vibrant violets and pinks. Throw in some metallics and shimmer if you’re adventurous. Try using a combination of multiple colors to bring this year’s look of fall to your eyes. Here’s some makeup artistry from this year’s runway shows for inspiration.

Don’t Forget The Nails

No look is truly complete without extending a little love to your nails. Oranges, reds, yellows, and browns are in season for fall, but just like anything in fashion, mix it up to match your own personal style. And if you want to get decorative add some metallics and leaves or other seasonal nail decals. (Maybe a pumpkin for Halloween…?)

Fall In Love With Your New Look:

The most important aspect of any look is how happy you are with it. Don’t be afraid to experiment to see what colors go best with your mood and your outfit, and which colors really make you shine. Pick up some cheaper makeup to experiment with finding your new fall makeup look. Once you find your fall colors, then you can pick up the perfect fall palette from your regular go-to makeup brand.

See you at the salon!