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Skin care has increasingly grown more consumer-conscious in recent years. And natural, herbal products in particular have become popular due to their non-chemical stance, combined with enhancements of the skins health. Of the newer trends for skin care, masks and oils using mint provide tons of beauty benefits, including helping to give you healthier skin.

Getting To Know Mint:

The Effects of Mint on Skin

Mint has been used for centuries to help treat pimples along with other skin blemishes and can help to remove excess oils from the skin. The active ingredient, called salicylic acid, helps remove and shed dead skin cells. Many beauty products target this specific acid in their skin care products. Salicylic acid gives mint the natural ability to help your face refresh faster while also helping to soothe your skin. This herb has even been noted to help strengthen skin cells in some cases.

Other Health Benefits of Mint

Along with making your skin healthier, using mint products has many other benefits. Mint is a popular aromatherapy option thanks to its various uses. Mint has been used to help students concentrate on tests and salary workers stay more focused on tasks. It has also been reported that the scent of mint can help you stay in a more positive mood. Additionally, if you use mint on a cut or on an area of skin that has a rash, its cooling effects can reduce, or completely take away itching or burning from the afflicted area. Breathing in mint can also help clear congestion from clogged airways.

The best thing of all: These benefits can all be achieved by just using a simple mint beauty mask!

Mint Masks, Oils, Lotions, and Balms

There are a ton of mint products on the market. A mint mask will help remove the dead skin while strengthening your healthy skin at the same time. For someone fighting acne, mint oil can be directly applied onto a blemish for quick relief. There are also mint lotions that can be used on rashes or areas where your skin tends to stay dry. Some mint users even use mint lip balm on cracked lips for an instant cooling effect.

Where To Buy Mint Beauty Products:

Mint products can be found online and in a number of health and beauty shops. Holistic retailers that don’t put a lot of additives into their products will have the purest concentration of mint in their products for the best effects on your skin. You can find holistic retailers at local farmers’ markets or on dedicated holistic beauty sites online. You will also find that imported Korean beauty products will have focused amounts of pure mint in them. Ultimately, the products you choose will depend on what you’re looking for in a product. Because there are so many options, do some product comparisons and make sure to check the ingredients before purchase.

See you at the salon for your minty scalp treatment!