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Summer is a fun time of year when a lot of different events happen. Which means it’s time to show off your accessorizing creativity. Just as a new hairstyle can make you feel refreshed, some fun accessories can have the same effect while being easier to change. Around summertime the fashion stores stock up on fun hair accessories and sell them like crazy. Many of these accessories cost less than $20 and you can also find frequent BOGO sales on them throughout the season.

Accessorizing Your Look:


The hottest looks for summer this year are all about flowers. Flowers come in every color imaginable, and give your outfit a little bit of extra flair. Floral hair accessories are also light because they aren’t made of heavy or hot materials. You can find headbands made out of flowers both real and artificial being sold at all types of events. And floral clips are inexpensive to buy and easy to find. Almost every fashion store you visit between now and fall will have a selection of flower-themed hair goods to choose from.


While this trend was a little strange at first, animal accessories are being sold everywhere now – especially animal ears. From clips on ears to scarfs and headbands with rhinestone cat ears, animal accessories have become a summertime favorite. Many are even customized with flowers or jewels to make them stand out even more. You’re sure to see plenty of people sporting cat ears and unicorn horns at summer concerts and outdoors events. If nothing else this has to be one of the most standout hair trends I’ve seen in awhile. Maybe, it has something to do with all the Snapchat filters?


One of the best things about summer is pulling your hair back on a hot day or after a swim. Hair ties are fashionable accessories that help hold your hair in place no matter what activity you’re doing. Hair ties come in all types of patterns and with accessories attached. You can find ties with flowers, bows, or even quirkier ones with cat paws. Ties leave a lot of room for creative hairstyles while being incredibly cheap to stock up on. Some designer brands even make specialty hair ties for fashionistas who want the latest cutting-edge fashion trends.

Avoiding Cheaply Made Accessories:

With so many accessories on the market, be sure to avoid the ones that will fall apart. Unless you’re the flower girl at a wedding you don’t want to walk around leaving a trail of flower petals. Watch out for accessories with lots of glue exposed or that already have threads hanging off of them. Avoid buying accessories online from unverified sellers; cheap copies are mass-produced and will fall apart quickly. But you don’t need to buy an accessory that’s too extravagant either. Sometimes the simpler looks just hold up the best.


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