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Welcome to a new year! May it bring us good health, fortune, and endless possibilities!
(Such as the possibility of updating your hairstyle… :o)

A perfect way to make a change for the new year is a new hairstyle.
Perhaps you could do with just a subtle change? Or are you ready to get really carried away with a dramatically different new hairstyle?

Three examples changes to create your new look.

  1. Color Change: a color change is a great way to shift your appearance. One fun way to enhance your hair color is to add red or copper to your current color. Creative color placement is a great way to add dimension and contrast to your style. These fun additions can be done with red, blonde or even brunette!
  2. Fringe: Fringe is a great subtle way to change your haircut without too much commitment (For those who are not familiar with fringe, it is the UK term for bangs). A Fringe does wonders for framing the face.
  3. Textured Haircut: A haircut with texture adds volume with a loose moveable feel to your hair. It is a popular style which continues to be a hit into the New Year!

These three examples are just a small pool of possibilities. Don’t forget you can always ask your stylist for their opinion….after all they are the professionals!

Remember to be honest with your stylist about what it is you are looking for and ask your stylist questions. When working together you will be sure to find the exact look you are aiming for.

Two questions that may need to be addressed:

  1. How frequent will I need to schedule my hair appointments to maintain my style?
  2. What products/tools do I need to use to recreate my style at home?

Now that you have been prepped with a plan to start the New Year with a fresh, new, glamorous cut and color! What does 2015 bring for you and your hair?

Have fun with it, it is your hair. Consider it your signature! Happy New Year!


Photo Credit: AHMER RIAZ via Compfight cc