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When you went out last night — whether it was a wedding, big date or your best friend’s birthday bash — you looked great, right? Every hair in place, perfectly contoured makeup, all while looking totally effortless. But then, when you caught yourself in the mirror this morning, did you have to stifle a little scream? Nope, that’s not a zombie. It’s just you. In serious need of some quick fixes for hangover face and hair.

A big night out can wreak havoc on your skin and hair. The alcohol, the sweat, the makeup you forgot or didn’t care to remove, it all adds up.

Thankfully, there are some quick fixes to help you bounce back after a night on the town, so you can show up at brunch the next day looking just as fresh and fabulous as you did the night before.

Solve Your Skin and Hair Hangover

Hydrate your skin to prevent alcohol-induced dryness.

You know how you wake up after a few too many drinks and are so parched you’d do anything for a glass of water? Your skin feels the same way. While you sip a bottle of seltzer, give your face a refreshing treatment. Use a moisturizing face mask and make it work double duty by letting it sit in the freezer for a few minutes. The moisture will help your dull, red face and the cooling effect reduces swelling and puffiness.

Yes, your hair needs hydration, too.

The primary bad effect alcohol has on your hair is the dryness and brittleness, meaning you’re more likely to experience hair breakage or loss. If you’ve zapped the moisture right out of your hair with too many martinis, indulge in a moisturizing hair mask or treatment. If you have a lot of big nights out, you might consider adding a biotin supplement to your diet, to boost hair strength at the root.

Stray slightly away from your normal makeup routine.

If you wear the makeup you typically always wear, you’re going to look like, well, you with a hangover. To hide your morning after sallow skin and dark circles you’ll want to go a little out of the ordinary. Use a concealer with an orange tint to combat blue-purple under-eye circles. Then, choose a foundation with some sheen to give you back a little bit of your glow, rather than a matte foundation, which can just sit on top of dry skin.

The best way to stay beautiful after a big night out?

Stay hydrated (!), give your skin and hair the nutrition it needs, and maintain a healthy lifestyle outside of your big nights out. Beautiful skin and hair starts on the inside, after all!

See you at the salon!