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Summer can be a miserable time for those of us with long hair. Hot humid air causes our hair to do all sorts of irritating things. The frizz, heat, styles that don’t hold, and sweaty neck, is enough to make anyone want to just shave it all off! Summer is also a most popular season for weddings and parties where you are going to want to look your best. Rather than suffering through a long hot summer (or resorting to drastic measures like shaving it all off!), thankfully there are lots of stylish short haircuts to help you avoid that summer hair pain.

Stylish Short Haircuts For Summer:

The Modern Shag

Shag haircuts have been in fashion for years, and can be cut really short or kept a tad long. Most shags are less thick and so hold less heat thanks to the uneven layers. A shag cut looks cute when it’s messy or can be styled different ways for different occasions. The shag even looks great with bangs, and can be long enough to still look stylish if you want to put it up. The best part about a shag haircut is that when fall rolls around you already have a head start to growing your hair out again for winter.

The Bob

Bobs are easy to maintain and dry quickly after a swim in the ocean or dip at that summer pool party. They are also easy to style and can look flirty or professional depending on how you need to present yourself. You can pick between many different bob styles, like the long bob, for an even more versatile look. While you can still style your hair up with a long bob, you will never have to worry about summer frizz or hair in your face while you’re enjoying your time outdoors. It’s nice to have the option of a cute shorter do with the flexibility of still being able to wear it up.

The Pixie

It may seem a little extreme at first, but the pixie cut can look adorable when you’re dressed up for summer festivals. The pixie cut will keep you cool and give you hair that you that is stylish and manageable. Just brush or muss and busy mornings will be a breeze. If you want more volume you can even tease up your hair to look like it has more volume. Pixies are also a great cut to show off some trending metallic color to brighten your summer!

Picking Your New Style:

A new haircut is always something you want to discuss with your hairstylist. Trying new styles can be refreshing, but your stylist will be able to advise you on the best cut for achieving the look you like. So, if you’re ready to beat the heat and all the long hair summer hassles, a short haircut style might be just the ticket. And if you decide you don’t want to go with shortening your hair, you can still have some bulk removed to make things a little cooler. Or maybe simply splurge for a great looking updo to avoid overheating this summer.

See you at the salon!