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Walking Down a Heated Aisle

San Diego has been ridiculously hot this summer. Unbearably hot even. And you’ve planned an outdoor wedding in this heat?!?! Of course you want to look your best for the big day, but that can be especially hard when you’re melting in the heat of an outdoor summer wedding.

Hot humid air can cause our hair to do all sorts of irritating things, and unless you’re sporting a Stylish Short Haircut for Summer, you might have sweat rolling down the back of your neck and your makeup running long before you get to the “I Do’s”.

Don’t worry too much though, here are some tips and tricks to keep your hair and makeup sparkling on your big day!

Beautiful in The Heat:

Heat Impervious Hairstyles

Thankfully, there’s no shortage of beautiful hairstyles that do well in the heat. From classy French braids to side ponytails, putting your hair up can be a lifesaver. There are a multitude of styles to choose from (such as these Swoon-worthy Summer Wedding Hairstyles), and even short hair can be fancied up for your special day. As a wedding stylist, together we can find the style and look that’s perfect for you and can also can bear the heat of an outdoor summer wedding.

Keeping Your Hairstyle in Place

You’ve likely been planning this day for months (years?) and possibly already know just how you want your hair. Regardless of your chosen hairstyle there are still plenty of ways to keep frizz away and help ensure your style stays in place. First off, on the big day be sure to use heat resistant and protectant hair products such as L’Oreal Professional TECNIART Constructor1. And use plenty of hairspray and hair balms such as L’Oreal LOCK IT Weather Control Hairspray to keep the humidity from causing a stir. Also, consider letting your hair air dry the night before to keep some extra moisture in it for the big day.

Keeping Your Makeup in Place

Makeup does not mix well with hot days. Luckily, primer works like magic to help keep your makeup in place and looking fresh. In extreme heat however, primer isn’t always enough. A lighter application for a more natural look can help keep your makeup from caking or melting. There are also makeup setting sprays that help hold your makeup in place, even if you find yourself sweating in the heat.

Staying Picture Perfect:

Don’t let the heat put a damper on your outdoor summer wedding. Like many things, a little bit of heat and humidity on your wedding day can be overcome with a great primer and some good hairspray. By working with your hair and makeup stylist, and using the tips above, you can have a dazzling outdoor wedding no matter how hot it gets.

See you at the salon!


1TECHNIART Constructor is new and not yet available in all markets.
If your hairstylist can't get it for you, another great option is 
TECHNIART Extreme Lacquer hairspray.
Image Credit: Darrell Miller / darrellrhodesmiller